Careers and Professional Development

The PWN Group understands staff development to mean raising professional skills and capabilities, and not just promoting and reassigning people. Professional development is one of the key factors that underpins the success of our organization and the satisfaction of our staff. This is based on a system of developing the key competencies required to fill a given position by cultivating knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Staff Induction

The first day in a new job is a major event, both for the person joining the team and the expanding organization. We try to build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect from the very outset.

Our program of inducting new staff members into the company is predicated on everyone being given the necessary tools and information to feel confident and begin working efficiently and effectively as soon as possible from day one. They can find their way around in a new environment and build lasting relationships with their co-workers thanks to our care and supervision. Every new employee receives in-house informational training and a series of practical training courses on the various divisions of the company.


"Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand.” [Confucius]

We at the PWN Group do not merely create knowledge, we share it with our co-workers. Our various divisions have specially assigned staff members who train their colleagues in both management and their own specialized areas. We also make use of outside training companies to ensure that our staff have access to suitable training sessions, courses, seminars and conferences.

Our Staff

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for enthusiasm and commitment in prospective employees. At  the PWN Group, you will be responsible for the assignments you are given, as well as the results of your division, in conjunction with your fellow team members.


If you are:

  • motivated – you believe that the tasks associated with the position will be motivating and rewarding;
  • resourceful, and full of ideas and initiative – you look for innovative solutions and ideas, are prepared to venture off the beaten track, and are open to the changes that come with doing so;
  • results oriented – you strive to complete your assignments and achieve your goals, despite the difficulties that may arise;
  • like working in a team, helping others and sharing knowledge;

then we are waiting for you to join our team.


We offer employment opportunities in the following fields:



Marketing & PR










Do you have unfulfilled ambition, despite having achieved a great deal? Do you know that you could do more and would like to prove it? Whether you are an expert in your field or an experienced manager, your talents must have favorable conditions before they can be fully utilized. This is precisely what the PWN Group can give you.

Students and Graduates

Your professional life is bound to get off to a flying start if you can put what you are learning into practice while you are still studying. The PWN Group has a work experience and trainee program, which is implemented by the various divisions of the company.


Work Experience and Traineeships

Work Experience

Unpaid work experience for one month is available periodically throughout the calendar year. This is the best chance you will get to show what you can do and sell yourself as a potential employee. Students are given an opportunity to learn from the PWN Group’s top experts and specialists, and can also get a taste of day-to-day work in a large company.

Those who take part in the program are involved in real projects and assignments, and support their fellow team members. They are each assigned to a staff member who acts as a supervisor and mentor, and who is responsible for inducting and supporting them in their daily duties.



There is a 2-12 month paid trainee program for selected applicants who have completed work experience. We guarantee remuneration and work readiness in a chosen division. Continued employment may result in the event that a position becomes vacant. This opportunity is open to students in their 1st to 5th years of study, as well as graduates in various majors.


If you are interested, then please email your CV to us at: with “Work Experience/Traineeship” + <division name>  in the subject line.

Recruitment Stages

PWN has a multi-stage recruitment process. This enables candidates to become thoroughly familiarized with the requirements of the position while ensuring that the company finds the best person to fill it. The standards that determine the precise stages and methods, as well as the appropriate tools, are applied equally across the board.